Australian Cloud Servers...
Great Business Starter
Shared Hosting
Starting from :

$120.00 /yr

Shared Hosting Plans
  • DISK Quota
    From 100MB to 50GB
  • DATA Quota
    From 5-300GB/mth
  • EMAIL Addresses
    From 10 to Unlimited
    Unlimited domains
Maximum Power
Dedicated Servers
Starting from :

$400.00 /mth

Dedicated Server Plans
  • CPU / cores
    From 4 to 32 Cores
  • RAM
    From 16GB to 1.5TB
    SSD and HDD RAID-1
    From 100Mbps
Virtualise Your Space
Cloud VPS
Starting at :

$200.00 /mth

Cloud VPS Plans
  • Virtual Cores
    1 vCore to 32vCores
  • RAM
    From 4GB to 128GB
  • DISK Storage
    From 20GB SSD
  • DATA Quota
    200GB to 10TB /mth
De-centralise your business
Business Server Co-lo
Starting from :

$270.00 /mth

More information
  • CPUs
    Your own gear!
  • RAM
    Your own gear!
  • EMAIL Addresses
    Your own gear!
  • DATA Quota
    From 200GB/mth
Cloud Migration
Consultancy Services

$160.00 /hr

Contact us
  • From on-prem
    to private cloud
  • From private cloud
    to public cloud
  • From on-prem
    to dedicated / hybrid
  • From traditional
    to containerised ....
Scale or migrate
App data service
Starting at :

$800.00 /yr

App Data Service Plans
  • Cloud
    Any package
  • Shared tenancy
    Any package
  • Dedicated
    Any configuration
  • Public Cloud
    Managed services

Welcome to Australian Cloud Servers

Australian Cloud Servers (ACS) is the newly re-branded hosting arm of Creative Intersection Pty Ltd.

For nearly two decades, we have provided premium hosting solutions to business and government throughout Australia via our core co-location facility at the Brisbane Technology Park in Eight Mile Plains (on Brisbane's Southside) and several other Australian Data Centres.

We pride ourselves on being that rare breed of hosting service that actually cares about every client and appreciate what it means for our clients to entrust us with their business websites and apps.

The ACS Difference

All too often, hosting is provided by designers and developers who simply outsource the nuts and bolts of hosting to large data centres without having access or knowledge to manage the infrastructure around the hosting solutions they offer their clients.

Unfortunately, this can result in poorly-managed or inattentive hosting that risks the online presence of your business and can be potentially ruinous to the operation of your business.

We don't work that way ... instead we own and manage all of our  hardware and co-locate it within world-class, professional data centres in Australia who provide stable network and environment services to our racks.

If something happens to our hosting hardware, we fix it ourselves immediately to keep all of our business clients online.

Why are ACS rates not super-cheap?


In tech, as in life, you get what you pay for.

And in hosting, if you want a premium service that is properly looked after by business experts who understand the need for consistent service to your business and aren't just technical folks who like to constantly tinker with configurations and oversubscribe their user services, then you have to expect for that service to include a commensurate price-tag.

For example, supplying up to 1TB of data on a small-business website for $5 per month simply can't be maintained outside of a faceless server-farm setup.